Fantasy Watch #1

One of the founding goals for Modern Folklore Press is to promote the literature of the Fantasy and Speculative. In an effort to spread the good word of the genre, here is the first weekly survey of lists and features reveling in the joy of the genre.

  • Fantasy from Around the World: BookRiot
  • Why Science Fiction Authors need to be writing about climate change right now –
  • Hottest New Fantasy Fiction Retells Ancient Stories With Female Characters – Quartz
  • Top 5 Pick Fantasy & Science Fiction Picks for January 2019 – Amazon
  • 20 Must Read African Fantasy Novels – BookRiot
  • Five SFF Books that Subvert Gender Roles –
  • Global Epic Fantasy Novels – BookRiot
  • Fantasy Writers Suggest – Amazon
  • 5 Fascinating works of Israeli Speculative Fiction –
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