State of the Art: December 2019

December’s collection of recent fantasy and speculative fiction related essays and articles.

  • As You Know, Bob… by Jeannette Ng at Uncanny Magazine
  • Old Women in SF—the List by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley at SFWA
  • 6 Speculative Fiction Books About Migration by Malka Older at
  • Shapeshifting Sorcery: The Persistence of Mesoamerican Magic by David Bowles at Fireside
  • Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth: Part 1, A Species Built for Racial Terror by James Mendez Hodes at Strange Horizons
  • The Science Fiction and Fantasy of Genre by Alexandra Erin at Uncanny Magazine
  • The Power of Giving a Damn by Kameron Hurley at Locus

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