State of the Art: Spring 2020

The past several months have seen many important essays published related to Science Fiction and Fantasy. We’ve been late getting them collected, and this is only a partial listing, but here’s the first part of the rundown.

Jeanette Ng: On Identity, Performing Marginalisations and the Limitations of Own Voices; or “Why I can’t just repeat my uncle’s joke about eating dogs” On Medium

Terri Windling has an in-depth look at French Fairy Tales writers in Once Upon a Time in Paris… from her blog.

Steve Toase looks at homelessness and SFF in Confronting the Default: Portraying Homelessness in Science Fiction and Fantasy at

Cat Rambo discusses new voices and playing nice in SFF in The New Rude Masters of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and Romance from her blog.

We’ll be back soon with the most recent roundup of important essays.

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