Social Media Ups and Downs

Just as Modern Folklore Press moves into a busy time with some announcements and a our first novel launch, Twitter has seen fit to suspend the MFP account. They give no reason and only offer an appeal process, which we’ve initiated. Pretty much sums up 2020 when toxic, hate fueling accounts remain active, and small, legitimate business accounts get suspended.

While we try to resolve that issue, we have opened an Instagram account and we’ll be posting news and announcements, and cover reveals there. Give us a follow.

Social media is a necessary tool for running a business, and so far we’ve done our best to avoid Facebook. Yes IG is owned by FB, but at least the experience isn’t as toxic. As always, the best place to here about new books and other projects, this blog, and our upcoming newsletter will be the best source of information.

Update 9/13/2020: Twitter has reactivated the MFP account. No message explaining what happened or why.