Modern Folklore Novellas

Novellas seem to go largely unnoticed among publishers. Yet these short works of fiction are often favored by writers and readers. Almost the Goldilocks of books. Long enough to be engrossing, yet not so long as to consume a month or longer of reading time. But a perusal through any bookstore will reveal precious few of these gems. There have been commercial reasons for that for traditional publishing. But in this age of advanced book production technology, most of those reasons no longer hold true.

To this end, Modern Folklore Press plans to bring more novellas to market. Not a specialized imprint, but simply an approach to publishing novels which includes the shorter form.

Coming later this year are novellas from new author, K.S. Blake: prequels to the their forthcoming Fallen Cities epic fantasy trilogy. And expect at least one novella from Kevin J. Fellows, author of At the End of the World.

More details to come regarding each book.