At the End of the World: A Novel

AT the End of the World: a novel. Cover
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A wayward city, untethered by time or place. If you find yourself caught within its strange magic, you are already lost.

All Stina wants is to escape a terrible date and get her VW out of the mud. João just wants to return to his regiment fighting for the King of Portugal. Croydon wants to find his way back to his bicycle and his parents.

But everyone caught in the unbound city must decide to either stay or leave for an ever-changing, often dangerous world outside the city.

Many arrivals accept the city’s power, others desire it for their own gain. One seeks to destroy it. But disrupting the city may trigger its destruction and the unmaking of the world.

When you fall hopelessly lost among the missing, you can only find yourself again through the kindness of strangers. Would you stay among the strange or leave for the unknown?

“The interconnection between the world building and the characters is beautifully crafted.” – Lorraine Bondie, the Book & Nature Professor Review

“At the End of the World promises magic on every page.” – Shai Palmer, Reedsy Discovery

At the End of the World is the first book in the Unbound Worlds duology.