Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #12

Q&A with VE Schwab – BookRiot Interview excerpt with G. Willow Wilson at Locus The 2019 Nommo Awards shortlists – Re-live Short Story Month with 17 recent anthologies by Maria Haskins at Barnes & Noble ICYMI 2018 Nebula Award Winners – SFWA Interview with Ilana C. Myer: Troubadour Magic at Locus

Fantasy and SpecFic Watch #11

This week there is Bronte news, an interview with Guy Gavriel Kay, election results, and an award finalist announcement. The latest ICFA Report at Locus Guy Gavriel Kay Interview at Barnes and Noble Supernatural Brontes at Clarkesworld Locus Awards Finalists Science Fiction Writers of America Election Results – Locus

Fantasy & SpecFic Watch 10

Official Comments by SFWA & Jonathan Brazee regarding Nebula Awards nomination controversy at Locus Mag Art Appreciation: Donato Giancola Looking at new books: Best Science Fiction & Fantasy for April: Top Picks – Amazon Book Review 10 Upcoming Adult Fantasy Novels – BookRiot All the New Fantasy Books Coming Out in May –

Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #9

Gene Wolfe has passed (1931-2019). C. S. E. Cooney offers a touching remembrance and Niel Gaiman’s How to Read Gene Wolfe at F&SF Another passing of sorts: Apex Magazine going on extended hiatus but book and anthology projects to continue – Apex Missed this earlier: The Best New Fantasy Fiction Retells Ancient Stories with Complex […]

Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #8

This week we travel to the days of book burning (April 2019) and there’s Patrick Rothfuss news. Interview with Anna Kashina, author of Shadowblade – Shadows, Swordplay, and Ballroom Dancing – Clarkesworld Hugo Finalists at Locus Harry Potter Book Burning – The Guardian Fairy Tale Facts and Faux Pas – BookRiot Patrick Rothfus Kingkiller Chronicles […]