Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #6

The sixth installment of Fantasy news, interviews, and lists from around the internet.

Family Dynamics and pushing against the dead mother trope in Fantasy: Five Books Featuring Complex Mother/Daughter Relationships –

New book release roundup – Locus

Let the debates begin. 18 of the Best Fantasy Books for Adults – BookRiot

For the worldbuilders: Five Books for the Fantasy Naturalist –

A survey of African SFF 2018: Locus

Samantha Shannon’s Favorite Recent Reads – Amazon Books

State of the art

State of the Art: February 2019

The February collection of essays, articles, and interviews in the world of Fantasy and Speculative fiction.

The Mysterious Discipline of Narratlogists: Why we Need Stories to Make Sense by Arkady Martine at

The Guardian Follows-up on the BookRiot piece by Mya Nunnally on Women writing adult Fantasy. Women Write Fantasy for Grown-ups Too at The Guardian

Stories that Change the World by Cat Rambo at Clarkesworld

The Anatomy of a Transracial Child by Woody Dismukes at Apex Magazine

Step Into the Bad Side: Black Girl Magic Villains by Kenesha Williams at Fireside

Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #5

The latest collection of Fantasy and Speculative fiction goodies from around the internet.

The biggest fantasy series American readers have never read coming in September:
Jin Yong’s Fantastical Wuxia Epic–Legends of the Condor Heroes–is Finally Coming to the U.S.

2018 Nebula Finalists Announced – SWFA

2019 Locus Award Ballot Poll & Survey – You don’t need to be a member but if you are, your votes count twice – Locus

Fantasy & SpecFic Watch #4

This week’s collection of lists, articles, and news in the Fantasy and SpecFic world.

  • Six Standalone Fantasy Novels that Stand Out – We at MFP sense new interest in standalone fantasy.
  • Interview with Marlon James (Black Leopard, Red Wolf) – Poets & Writers
  • This week had plenty of news about TV adaptions for Fantasy and SpecFic novels, but that’s not our focus. Instead:
  • Here’s an interesting essay that didn’t make it into our January State of the Art post. Our Fantastical World – by Joshua Phillip Johnson at Capricious
Fantasy Watch

Fantasy Watch #1

One of the founding goals for Modern Folklore Press is to promote the literature of the Fantasy and Speculative. In an effort to spread the good word of the genre, here is the first weekly survey of lists and features reveling in the joy of the genre.

  • Fantasy from Around the World: BookRiot
  • Why Science Fiction Authors need to be writing about climate change right now –
  • Hottest New Fantasy Fiction Retells Ancient Stories With Female Characters – Quartz
  • Top 5 Pick Fantasy & Science Fiction Picks for January 2019 – Amazon
  • 20 Must Read African Fantasy Novels – BookRiot
  • Five SFF Books that Subvert Gender Roles –
  • Global Epic Fantasy Novels – BookRiot
  • Fantasy Writers Suggest – Amazon
  • 5 Fascinating works of Israeli Speculative Fiction –