Release Day: An Important Sky

It’s release day for An Important Sky: Poems by Kevin J. Fellows.

Known for his Fantasy and Speculative fiction, author Kevin J. Fellows examines the strange and magical in the poetry of our everyday lives.

In this collection, he journeys through the familiar of our everyday experiences, exploring how we map the magic of memory through the places and people who fill our lives.

ebook Available:
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State of the art

State of the Art: Spring 2020

The past several months have seen many important essays published related to Science Fiction and Fantasy. We’ve been late getting them collected, and this is only a partial listing, but here’s the first part of the rundown.

Jeanette Ng: On Identity, Performing Marginalisations and the Limitations of Own Voices; or “Why I can’t just repeat my uncle’s joke about eating dogs” On Medium

Terri Windling has an in-depth look at French Fairy Tales writers in Once Upon a Time in Paris… from her blog.

Steve Toase looks at homelessness and SFF in Confronting the Default: Portraying Homelessness in Science Fiction and Fantasy at

Cat Rambo discusses new voices and playing nice in SFF in The New Rude Masters of Fantasy & Science Fiction – and Romance from her blog.

We’ll be back soon with the most recent roundup of important essays.

State of the art

State of the Art: October 2019

It’s been too long since I’ve collected essays on the speculative art. There were some great ones published this summer.

  • Writing Through the News Cycle – Kameron Hurley at Locus
  • Monsters, the Monstrous, and Reclaiming the Other by Leo Elijah Cristea at Fantasy Faction
  • Sir Elsa of Tortall, Knight of the Realm by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry at Uncanny
  • Beware the Lifeboat by Marissa Lingen at Uncanny
  • Are You the One? Exploring the Chosen One Trope in SFF by Katy Rose Pool at
  • Winning Hugo as a Blind Person by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry at
  • Reclaiming SciFi’s history at Wired with Desirina Boskovich and others
State of the art

State of the Art: Essay Digest January 2019

One goal I set out for Modern Folklore Press is to engage in and promote the art of Fantasy and Speculative Fiction. The State of the Art series presents original essays and a digest from around the web by authors of the genre about the genre.

If genre fiction is to thrive, those who create it and consume it must be in constant conversation with it. We must examine why and how the literature exists, and why we read it.

January 2019 Digest: