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Available Now: At the End of the World

 “At the End of the World promises magic on every page. Fellows’ obvious talents are his world-building and his prose.” – Shai Palmer, Reedsy

A wayward city spinning through time and place connects and draws travelers; trapping them with no way to return home.

Each traveler: Nico the peddler, Stina the university graduate, João, Lieutenant for the King of Portugal, and Croydon, a boy at the edge of adolescence, face a choice: stay in the strange medieval city where magic infects and wealth is not measured in coin, or leave to find a new home in the next time and place.

Many arrivals accept the city’s magic, others are rejected by it. A few desire it for themselves, and one seeks to destroy it. Disrupting the magic could trigger the unmaking of the city and the world containing it.

A rich and magical literary fantasy debut about finding ourselves in unfamiliar places and situations. The choices we face and the decisions we make. Do we find solace in what familiarity remains, risk everything hoping to regain what we lost, or embrace the strange and the unknown?

At the End of the World
Kevin J Fellows
October 2020

An Important Sky: Poems
Kevin J Fellows
Available now

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